Pipes – Plumber Sunshine Coast

We are an after hours plumbing service who have specialists in pipe repair. They are able to come out to you fast as we have set up our team for fast response to after hours work all year round. Our team have vast experience in pipe repair and replacement. So where ever you are on the Sunshine Coast, call us for instant service and advice. We can help attend within the hour, their vans are well stocked with parts, tools and equipment to repair your service with minimal utility down time.

Do you have a water pipe leak, a drain pipe leak, a gas leak, or perhaps even a mystery leak?
They are experienced in locating and repairing leaking pipes in even the most difficult and hidden places. They determine the cause of the fault, fix the pipe and then stop it or something similar from happening again.
They recently invested in the most advanced, long lasting pipe repair technology system available. Let them put the new system to work for you, saving you money on your water, steam, exhaust air or gas pipe repairs.
They can repair and replace:
Galvanised pipes
PVC pipes
Poly pipes
Poly butelyne pipes
Copper pipes

A 24 Hour Emergency Plumber is often called in to investigate water leaks that have resulted in sky-high water bills. Upon locating and repairing your water leak, they will assist by providing the necessary paperwork in order to seek a credit on your Sunshine Coast Water bill.

Burst Pipes

For over 25 years, they’ve been saving the people of the Sunshine Coast from burst pipes and just keep on getting better at it! Thanks to the extensive experience and dedicated plumbers who are available 24/7, they’re always ready to rescue you from any kind of burst!

No burst is a match for a 24 Hour Emergency Plumber Sunshine Coast! Whether a slow leak behind the wall or a flowing torrent of water, they’ve seen it (and repaired it) all before, so you can rest easy knowing that a licensed, experienced, professional plumber is taking care of it.

We promise an immediate response and a friendly and experienced plumber with lifetime guaranteed work. In fact, for our loyal customers, we have simply the best Plumber on the Sunshine Coast.

They are fully licensed, qualified and experienced plumbers – all of the tradesmen have a wealth of plumbing experience and get weekly professional training in all aspects of plumbing services to ensure they have up to the minute knowledge and skills.

Relining Plumbing

Do you need to fix a broken pipe? But upon investigation you find that the pipe is deeply buried or not easily accessible? Whether its buried in dirt, concrete, your own private building/premises or some form of public infrastructure, you are going to need excavation. Excavation is always expensive but in many cases is just completely unfeasible. Well they have the technology to help you solve the problem.

When it comes to saving and relining pipes without digging on the Sunshine Coast property owners, managers and plumbing companies depend upon the underground relining solutions provided by us.

It’s the ultimate in sewer, drain and stormwater pipe rehabilitation, which can place a new pipe inside the old one’s cavity through a process called Cured-in-Place-Pipe inversion relining. In being able to replace, patch and repair pipes underground, a 24 Hour Emergency Plumber Sunshine Coast utilises the world’s leading pipelining technology, backed by years of local research and development, as well as experienced relining tradesmen.
The technology works by pushing a liner through the existing pipe cavity that has been impregnated with a proprietary epoxy lining. As it winds through the pipe, it is unrolled to the size and shape of the inside of the cavity and is able to provide a seamless new pipe within the old one, even through different diameters, and around multiple 90 degree bends. The epoxy is then cured in place to form a hard shell, and leave behind a new pipe that is even stronger than a new PVC pipe would be.