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Here we have put together some articles written by our plumbers composed from our vast experience in the field. The topics covered provide help with the commonly encountered plumbing problems in the home, give plain straight-forward safety advice, educate and improve understanding on the core principles, and to otherwise serve useful. Our intention is to grow and maintain a catalogue of articles that are informative and interesting, that contain both introductory and technical material. We hope you find something here that piques your fancy. Enjoy

All About Hydrocarbons
Hydrocarbons are the simplest organic compounds – containing only carbon and hydrogen atoms. They can be straight-chain, branched chain, or cyclic molecules. Carbon tends to form four bonds in a tetrahedral geometry. The marvellous thing about them is their propensity for controlled combustion in oxygen. Commonly used today are Natural Gas (mostly methane) and Liquid Petroleum Gas (propane and butane).

Blocked Toilet Emergency
A blocked toilet can occur at any time, and if it does you can bet it’s at the most inconvenient time. This article discusses some tips in order to avoid this situation, help you recognise a problem before it occurs, and if it does happen how to resolve it. So whether it’s from a party foul or natural degradation of the plumbing, we can help you get it fixed fast, and here’s how.

Free Drinking Water
Did you know that it is legal in Australia to collect and use your own rain water. At scale, this decentralised rain water catchment method, utilising individual buildings’ roof and gutters, would solve our potable water supply crisis. Although not currently popular, adding a tank and pump to your roof and gutters could mean turning off the local council water supply. And in most cases, requires little to no filtering and is better for you too.

Which How Water System?
Considering which hot water system to choose? There are many different kinds with various options on the market, and are therefore many factors to consider when purchasing the one that’s right for you. This article analyses the variables and solves the problem for you, interested, read on.

Its tempting to install your appliance yourself, and sure a microwave, toaster or kettle sure just plug it in and you’re good to go. However a major appliance, or piece of plant hardware that requires plumbing may not be so simple, so getting it right is critically important and here’s why…

No Dig Pipe Replacement
In this article we investigate a family of new solution methods for replacing a pipe without the assumed requirement of external access to the pipe. Underground pipes and pipes built into structures may be very difficult to access and may require excavation or controlled destruction of the structure, which in many cases is cost limiting. So how can we fix a pipe in this situation, find out how.

Steam Damage
In this article we investigate what happens when you introduce an unmanaged steam source into a contained environment. Without spoiling the ending we can safely assume it isn’t good, at least from the owners point of view. Steam is a very effective at damaging our built environments, read on to find out why, and how to mitigate it.

Storm Damage
This is an important one. This article discusses what to do during a dangerous storm where damage occurs to your premises. We discuss methods to limit the destruction, keep the premises as safe as possible, and get it fixed as fast as possible. A must read for any home resident, business owner, or strata manager.

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